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When searching for insurance policies in Michigan, most residents find it is easier to combine their insurance policies together for convenience and stability. At LIG Insurance & Financial Group, that is available when you choose more than one of the following policies.

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Auto Insurance

These policies are designed to protect you and your motor-operated assets in the event of an accident. They also carry liability in case you are at fault and comprehensive coverage. This protects you in the event that your vehicle, boat, or motorcycle is damaged or stolen while being stored or parked.
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Home Insurance

While it is not required by the state of Michigan, any property that has a mortgage or lien on it is carrying home insurance due to contract requirements for the loan. These policies include coverage in the event of a theft, accident beyond your control, or events where you may be found liable.
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Commercial Insurance

Having protection for your businesses is essential in order to protect your investments. Not only do our commercial insurance policies meet the minimum requirements in place by the state of Michigan, but it also allows room for the property and income protection that your business needs in the event of a tragedy beyond your control.
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Farm Insurance

Farm insurance provides additional coverage for your crops and equipment should tragedy strike your farm as it would a business. Since this is your livelihood, protecting it at all costs is essential.
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Life Insurance

Offer one last gift to your loved ones with life insurance. After you pass, they could be faced with a variety of new financial obligations that would be relieved with life insurance benefits to cover these costs and debts.
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Financial Services

Financial planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances. It includes elements of protection, wealth creation, planning for contingencies and emergencies, as well as planning for specific milestones in life.

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Best insurance agent. Takes care of all my needs.
~ David C.

I have been with these guys for a very very long time! They are great.

~ Danielle W.

5 stars! They are the best.

~ Jackie A.

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