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Owning a business in Michigan can be a rewarding experience. Being your own boss and making your mark in your local economy is something that many of our clients seek. Before you start or business, make sure that you are complying with Michigan insurance requirements through LIG Insurance & Financial Group. We also offer additional coverage options.

What is required in Michigan?

Any business that has 3 or more employees, either temporary, part-time, or full-time, are required to carry worker’s compensation coverage. This coverage protects employees who experience a fall or other type of injury while they are at work. This coverage will cover any medical expenses they incur and keep your business from having to cover these costs.

There are some recommended coverage options.

One of the best things you can do for your Michigan business is to include liability coverage with your commercial insurance policy. This general liability coverage offers any accidents with customers, vendors, public patrons, and employees that you could be found liable for in court.

Property Coverage is another type of commercial insurance that protects items such as equipment, products, and furniture. Should your commercial property be damaged due to tragedies that are out of your control, you can get financial assistance to help you cover these repairs and replace any items that are necessary for your business.

Specialized coverage options exist.

If you have a specialized business or offer services for clients that require a level of expertise, you may want to choose conditional coverage that pertains directly to your business. These additional levels of protection are designed to protect commercial assets so that you do not lose your investment and find yourself in financial trouble.

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If you would like to upgrade your commercial insurance policy, give our agents at LIG Insurance & Financial Group a call today. We are happy to give you a quote that gives you the protection you need and want.


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