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Owning a motorcycle is exciting – it gives you the feeling of freedom and power when you hit the open road. However, it also includes certain responsibilities. One of them is having proper motorcycle insurance. It is pretty similar to your standard auto insurance because it also comes with liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage by protecting you, as a motorcyclist, and your passengers. If you are a motorcyclist from Michigan and currently shopping for this type of insurance for your motorbike, there are certain specifics that are good to know:

  • No-fault insurance coverage is not required. The reason for that is that a motorcycle in the Great Lakes State is not considered a motor vehicle.
  • Motorcyclists are required to purchase liability insurance for death, injury, or property damage. Liability insurance covers a motorcyclist if he is at fault for an accident that caused injuries, death, or property damage to another person. Those who decided not to purchase liability insurance are at risk of penalties, a misdemeanor conviction, or even imprisonment.
  • Motorcycle insurance covers more than just a motorcycle. When you get in an accident, in most cases not only your bike is damaged. Sometimes, special gear, a helmet, and other equipment are damaged too and are quite expensive to repair or replace. The good news is that most motorcycle insurance plans have optional/special equipment coverage.

If you are a motorcycle owner, you understand that owning a bike is a huge responsibility. In order to protect your precious belonging, yourself, and other people, motorcycle insurance is what you need. If you are a Michigan resident, there is an insurance company with years of experience that is ready to assist you – LIG Insurance & Financial Group. It is a family-owned company that provides its clients with peace of mind, trust, and one-to-one attention. Give LIG Insurance & Financial Group a call today to get a perfect insurance plan for your motorcycle and protect yourself on the road.


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